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Pre-School & Kindergarten:

Children's Corner
500 S. Broad St.
Phone: (229) 377-8029
Teasley's School
327 4th Avenue, S.E.
Phone: (229) 377-2392

Learning Adventures
1216 20th St., N.E.

Phone: (229) 377-2020 

Parramore Pre-Learning Academy
1293 2nd Ave., S.W.
Phone: (229) 377-9776

First Step Learning Center
101 1st Ave., S.W.
Phone: (229) 377-1999

Note: Public Kindergarten is located in Eastside, Northside, Shiver, Southside, and Whigham Schools.
Elementary Schools:

Eastside Elementary School
Principal: Mr. Kermit Gilliard
20th St., N.E.
Grades K-5
Phone: (229) 377-8441
Southside Elementary School
Principal: Charles McBee
3rd St., S.E.
Grades K-5

Phone: (229) 377-3723  

Whigham Public School
Principal: Demetrius Cox
Whigham, GA 31797
Grades K-8

Phone: (229) 762-4167  

Northside Elementary School
Principal: Gloria Fuller
1st St., N.W.
Grades K-5

Phone: (229) 377-2442

Shiver Elementary School
Principal: Mrs. Patsy Clark
1847 GA Hwy 93N
Pelham, GA 31779
Grades K-8

Phone: (229) 377-2325

Junior High School:

Washington Middle School
Principal: Arthur Anderson
Martin Luther King Ave., SW
Grades 6-8
Phone: (229) 377-2106
Public High School:

Cairo High School
Principal: Mr. Tim Helms
5th St., S.E.
Grades 9-12
Phone: (229) 377-2222



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